Apr 25, 2006

United 93

The movie opens today on the plane that crashed in Shanksville, PA on September 11th.

My friend Debbie Welsh was the first class flight attendant on that flight for United. She was a sparkplug and had a beautiful voice that graced our parish's choir. Word has it that Paul Greengrass (the director) has done a marvelous job with the re-creation of this horrible event. I plan to go see it tonight or tomorrow and will report back.

In general, I'm wondering if folks think it's too soon to have a movie about this event. It seems that movies on Wars and other tragedies often are not immortalized on film for some time usually. But I'm in favor of this one coming on the heels of the event, since I think the filmmakers will want to recapture the memory of this before we forget too much.

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