Jul 7, 2008

Bob Sheppard not ready yet

Since I've seen a few bloggers incorrectly quote 98 year old Yankee announcer Bob Sheppard saying that he was going to be back at the Stadium on July 1--I'd like to clear up what he actually said in my article from BustedHalo.com awhile back about his possible return to the stadium after his long illness.

He said:

"According to the doctor, when I reach, “my fighting weight” about 145-150, he will allow me to go back to Yankee Stadium and finish the season. So my target date to be back is July 1. There is an All Star Game to be played at Yankee Stadium on July 15th and one of my goals is to be there and announce it. I did one years and years ago at Yankee Stadium but I can’t recall it. So now this would be something to remember. I do want to be there next year when we open a new Stadium. And I’d like to be the one who says, “Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen…Welcome to the NEW…Yankee Stadium.”

Now go read the whole article and then listen to the podcast. Sheppard actually says "Welcome to the NEW Yankee Stadium." I hope we get to hear him say that LIVE next year and that he's back by the All Star Game.

What I'm hearing from trusted sources is that Sheppard is not quite yet at the weight he'd like to be and that even when he is he needs to convince both his doctor and his wife that he's healthy enough to return. One source said: "He may have trouble staying awake for 9 innings. His energy is just not quite what it was. But who knows? The Stadium might bring him some energy just by being there and going back to the stadium is what keeps him focused on his recovery."

Go get 'em, Bob!

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