Jul 13, 2008

BridgeClimb in Sydney

One word: Awesome. Do you have a pic of you next to the Sydney Opera House like this? if you do, you are just as cool as I am. We should hang out!

Some more pics:

On the catwalk at the Apex of the bridge. We climbed over 1400 steps (up and down including ladders). As an out of shape 38 year old, I'm kinda proud of myself.

Just below the Apex, you can see the city great!

Going down was a bit harder than going up. But it was all great fun. Here are three awesome scenic shots.


Going up?



Mark Mossa, SJ said...

OK. I'm jealous you're in Sydney and at World Youth Day, and I'm not, but you don't have to show off!

And I do have a picture next to the Sydney Opera House! So, I'm equally cool in that respect.

I couldn't help but notice--you seem really ATTACHED to that bridge.

Anyway, enjoy it! I'm expecting a full report . . .



Paul said...

Great pics, Mike! I am JEALOUS!

You were missed at the parish picnic yesterday out at Mount Paul!

Is your better half with you there in Auz?

Rosemary A said...

S0000000000000000 Jealous!
Great photos -- especially love the Twilight shot. Keep 'em coming.

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