Jul 14, 2008

Harry's Cafe de Wheels

So my friend Dan Twohig has been to Sydney before and insisted that I go to Harry's Cafe de Wheels to get an Aussie Meat Pie called the Tiger. His words to me were essentially some form of:
"If you don't go I will beat you into the ground."

So off I go and as advertised it was delicious. Essentially it's a meat pie with mashed potatoes and gravy on top as well as mashed peas. I hate peas generally but these concoction was simply delicious.

Now I had a meat pie earlier in the trip so I'd have something to compare it to other than the lousy meat pies my mom used to make (sorry, mom). And Harry is certainly a cut above. We need to go back to that area later in the week so I'll be taking my colleagues who have now arrived here in Sydney to Harry's. I think this time I might try the Hot Dog de Wheels.

So credit to Mr. Twohig for a great meal find in Australia. Thanks, Dan!

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