Jul 15, 2008

Flip Video ruins my day? Or opens me to something new?

So we had a great day here in Sydney at World Youth Day today. I worked very hard and actually had some great footage of Young Adults from Tonga doing their native dances and then I interviewed two young Tongan women as well.

What happened to the videos? I have no idea. I left Barangaroo were the opening mass was held with the videos intact but with the batteries draining. They actually died and so I replaced them--that seems to have resulted in deleting half of the videos I took today. Of course they didn't leave the good ones--it was the so-so ones that got saved.

Anyway, perhaps there is some spiritual opportunity that I am missing here. Maybe I am supposed to really try to interact more with the pilgrims here and not just look on them as subjects for the website?

I know plenty of people found a vocation at World Youth Day and I've been feeling more and more like I'm being called to be a deacon lately. Even at mass tonight I noticed the Deacon reading the Gospel--which I think is cool. At a mass with all these Cardinals and Bishops--the deacon is still the one who gets to read the Gospel. Same will be true for the Papal mass later this week.

I'm really attracted to the servant part of the ministry as well. Cardinal Pell talked a lot in his homily about how many of us only take our committments to Jesus so far--even those of us who would take the time to come to World Youth Day. Are we afraid to take the next step into a larger committment to faith? Are we able to grow more by listening to God, letting him lead us by the hand--perhaps into fear--but then again, into a place where we can grow more closely to God and more toward the person that we are called to be for the world?

I think that touched me a bit tonight. So I'm open to listening more this week and seeing where I need to stretch and what new things God may have in store for me.


Paul said...

Hey, Mike. Greetings from your stomping grounds in NY. We're all keeping you and everyone there in our prayers.

Have you been to the Sisters of Life / Knight of Columbus "Love and Life Site" in Downtown Sydney yet? They have a nicely-designed Website:


god googler said...

Haven't seen that yet...trying to stick with my group these days.

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