Jul 8, 2008

Paulist Press Gala

Headed to Paulist Press today for their celebration of the Paulist 150th Anniversary. They've been at it for 141 of those 150 years and one particular Paulist, Fr. Kevin Lynch, CSP has been at the Press for over 50 years now. If you've ever dared to read a copy of anything from the Second Vatican Council you have Fr. Lynch to thank. He translated and published much of that for the English speaking world.

He gave me the best advice about my own book after it was published. He said:

"Mike, reviews sell books. And pushing your own book does as well. If you get those two things working together, you'll skyrocket."

Right he was. After the National Catholic Reporter reviewed Googling God the Amazon ranking went from like 400,000 to 210,000. Then Zenit, the Vatican News service published a review and it flew down to 6,000. Which is awesome for a book of it's size.

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