Apr 3, 2009

Everything you ever wanted to know about Canon Law and My Book

My favorite new podcast is The Everyday Catholic. Why? Because the host David Dawson, from the Diocese of Baton Rouge really gets the internet. He gets right to the meat of what he wants to discuss right away without the usual prattle--which I admit even I do much too much of on our own Busted Halo Cast.

This week's episode is particularly good.

In Episode 10 Canon Law 101, I stop by the office of Judicial Vicar for the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Fr. Paul Counce.

In a nutshell, this podcast contains the overview of Canon Law: What it is, what are canon lawyers, how does the Church use this type of law, and how we, as Catholics, will encounter canon law in our Church life.

We also discuss what to do if you see an "abuse" in the Church. How one should discern this "abuse" and the appropriate steps to report it. Don't go emailing the Bishop from your iphone during mass, please.

Last week the podcast featured yours truly so check out both episodes:

Canon Law

And My talk at the Diocese on young adults called: Identity Theft: Is Your Catholic Identity Safe?

Thanks to David Dawson for the podcast post and for doing such a great job with this podcast.

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