Apr 2, 2009

Greatest Thing Ever

From one of the finest men I know: Fr Jim McDermott, SJ at America Magazine's blog yesterday:

A strange, fun tidbit: the alignment of Venus and Mercury relative to Earth today creates a very slight upward gravitational pull which is actually just enough to be sensed. Many will feel a certain lightness in their step; if you get on a scale your weight will be slightly less. And, the really cool part, if you jump into air at exactly 11:11 am this morning (EST), or at 5:37 this afternoon, you will be able to experience a very slight floating sensation. First discovered in 1937 by astronomer Sir Robert Townsley, this event actually occurs once every 587 days. A little-known, but amazing feature of life in a solar system of planets.


For all of you who jumped: April Fool!


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