Sep 22, 2009

CatholicMom: Worried About Being a Parent in a New Technological Age

Lisa Hendey, better known as Catholic Mom puts a call to action regarding the video we posted last week. If I had a dime for every parent who said something like this to me....

I caught this video over at Mike Hayes’ blog – with a teen headed to college next year and a tremendous interest in New Media, it caught my attention. I’ve seen my kids “multitask”, seen how they interact with their friends online and in person, seen them turn off the TV but live out loud to iTunes, and seen the way they obtain their information. What are we, the grown ups who love them — and a Church who wants to reach them — doing to realize and communicate with them in their changing world? Fascinating – please take five minutes and watch this video. I’d love to hear your take.

Once is the video:

Head on over to Catholic Mom with your ideas.

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