Sep 18, 2009

What does St. Robert Bellarmine have to do with Galileo, Kayne West, Serena Williams and Congressman Wilson?

Paulist Seminarian Tom Gibbons tells us more

So why are we talking about this today? Because the person whose feast we celebrate today, Saint Robert Bellarmine, was very much involved in the controversy… not as a persecutor but as someone who provided comfort to the afflicted. Our Church calendar tells us that Saint Robert served as a moderating influence during this controversy and provided Galileo with much friendly advice.

So let’s put aside for a moment whether or not Galileo was right. What’s important for our purposes is the example Saint Robert offers in the way to conduct oneself during times disagreement and controversy. And if we’ve only been casually reading the newspapers for the past week, it is an example we badly need. From Congressmen Wilson shouting to the President in a nationally televised speech, to Serena Williams screaming at a line judge, to Kanye West embarrassing Taylor Swift because he disagreed with her award… it is hard not to wonder if our souls are now swayed not by the wisest but the LOUDEST. It is hard not to wonder if the presentation isn’t extreme, whether or not it has a place in our discourse.

Lots more at the link here.

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