Sep 20, 2009

On Social Networking

One of my favorite bloggers recently published a great primer on the church's opinions on social networking. Besides myself, she also interviewed several other hotshots like Deacon Greg Kandra, Jim Martin and Paul Snatchko.

Texting, Twitter, Facebook and blogs are everywhere, shouting out thoughts and opinions. We can report even our most mundane activities. How, then, does social networking impact our faith?

Rev. James Ebert, associate pastor at St. Mary’s in Ballston Spa, likes using Facebook. Three people he knew 10 years ago connected with him via Facebook — and then all came to Mass while visiting from out of town recently. This continued connection may have never happened via phone or even email.

In his recent encyclical, “Charity in Truth,” Pope Benedict XVI does address modern communication and its potential for both good and ill. Media, the pope says, should be “geared toward a vision of the person and the common good that reflects truly universal values.”

This is easier said than done.

Read the many opinions and thoughts on social networking here. Paul's in particular were quite this snip.

“Every parish has a phone,” added Mr. Snatchko, but there was a time that was not the case. The use of technology will move along those same lines over time. In the meantime, he said, “We need to get the Word out, evangelize, gather and build community” in online forums.

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Fran said...

Oh Mike - thanks for linking to this. If anyone understands the importance of this, it is you.

And how grateful I am to have had access, initially via social networking, now through the gifts of friendship and community, to such luminaries of the Catholic world!

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